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Meet the Team

Jon Klein

Jon Klein

Jon Klein was born three blocks from Yankee Stadium, and those cheers have echoed in his head ever since.

His first startup created the first-ever over-the-top broadcast – partnering with CBS Sports in 2004 to air the March Madness tournament over the Internet. CBS March Madness Online is now a $100 million annual business. As co-founder of TAPP Media, a streaming platform for personalities and their super-fans backed by Discovery Communications, Jon has built passion communities via social video. Vilynx, the artificial intelligence platform he served as president, was acquired by Apple in 2020.

Between startups, Jon served as President of CNN/U.S., where he introduced technological innovations like John King’s Magic Wall and the first-ever Facebook livestream (Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration). Under his leadership, CNN achieved the highest ratings in its history, while doubling profits. The winner of eight Emmy and six Peabody Awards, Jon also oversaw “60 Minutes” as Executive Vice President of CBS News. For fun, Jon serves as media consultant on the acclaimed HBO series “Succession”; gorges on the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks with his fanatical son and TikToks with his hysterical daughter; while admiring his inventive wife’s gorgeous works of art.

Lorne Greene | CEO, Viva Creative

Lorne Greene, CEO

As the co-founder of VIVA Creative, Lorne is a dedicated leader who cares deeply about creating experiences that connect people. To truly build innovative experiences that inspire relationships and communication, Lorne fashioned VIVA as an interdisciplinary agency where creatives, producers, and developers work together and share ideas. Because of this structure, VIVA teams think big and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

VIVA now delivers massive-scale online and video solutions to global powerhouse brands such as Apple, Facebook, and Viacom. From large conferences and product launches, to broadcast events and concerts, VIVA’s work intersects business, entertainment, politics, and technology, touching audiences across the globe.

As the leader of VIVA, Lorne oversees the company’s global operations and sets the strategy for the future. When he isn’t helping VIVA deliver ground-breaking creative solutions, Lorne is usually found rink-side, cheering on his sons as a true hockey dad.